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Common Computer Problems

1.Disable some background programs. 2.Scan and remove virus。 3.Check hard disk,One of the biggest bottlenecks of a computer is the hard disk drive. Upgrading from a standard hard drive to a Solid State Drive (SSD) will drastically improve the performance of a computer.
1.check the power source,power supply , charger or battery. 2. check the motherboard.
Could be automatic OS update problem, adware, virus or other malware, Could be hard drive,memory,graphics card, motherboard faulty. 1.check hard drive 2 check memory 3. repairs or reset system 4.check graphics card 5.check motherboard.
1. Check LCD screen 2. Check Graphics Card 3. Check battery 4. Check memory 5. Check CPU 6. Check motherboard
The blue screen of death (BSoD or STOP Error) may appear to be one of the scariest computer problems you'll come across. However, all your computer may need is for you to reboot it. This STOP error appears on your screen for a variety of reasons: failing hardware, damaged software, corrupt DLL files, problems with drivers and more. The remedy for a blue screen of death depends on the original problem. The screen provides you with codes that can help you identify and fix your computer problems.
1. Check hard disk 2. Start the Task Manager,check the CPU, memory,hard disk usage 3. Scan virus and disble some background program. 4. reset OS. 5. check memory , Motherboard,or CPU
There are a lot of different reasons why you’re getting this App. crash problem on your computer and the worst part is that you just can’t blame on any single reason.So, it can be an abnormal installation of some Windows update or maybe it just some corrupted DLL files of that software,or Virus Problem,Corrupted Windows Registry,Corrupted Software Problem,or Corrupted Windows Problem
1. check the computer of any of your computer inner components Most computers today are designed to turn off automatically if any of its inner components overheat 2. Any failing hardware component in your computer could cause your computer to unexpectedly turn off without warning. If you have recently added any new hardware, remove it from the computer to make sure it is not the cause of the problem. 3.If you have not recently installed any new hardware into the computer, the next best solution is to systematically remove non-essential hardware. For example, remove your modem, network card, sound card, and any other expansion cards that are not needed for your computer to operate. Running the computer without these cards may help diagnose your issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Our services include labour and cost of spare part thus we cannot accept cancellation or change of mind. Once quote is approved, we will commence the work immediately, cancellation strictly cannot be accepted. Most of repairs that we do require further testing and spare parts. After the quote is approved, even if spare part has not arrived, there is already work done prior to receiving the spare parts, which include: further testing, partial/full disassembly of computers, identifying parts, matching with our stocked parts and ordering in if required, final repairs, final testing and assembly.
We come to you and take your computer or data to our workshop to repairs. the labour fee will be capped to 2 hours maximum. For on site computer services, we usually charge by the hour so you can’t be sure of the final cost
You can pay by cash .All our technicians carry portable eftpos machines supplied by the Westpac Bank and accept the following types of payments: Visa, Master, Eftpos,2% surcharge.
It depends on the issue (and how busy we are) but most repairs are done within 1-2 business days and sometimes even sooner! Advanced hardware repairs or repairs that require custom ordered parts can take longer depending on the severity of the issue. We take pride in having extremely fast turn-around and in many cases we have fixed our customers computers on the spot for them. All or our repairs are done "in house" to ensure the fastest turnaround time possible..
Competitive Rates-$80 Per Hour, costs are calculated in 15 minute blocks with a minimum of one hour. Up to 40% lower than other National Competitors published rates,Only $160 for big job-We could come to you and take Complicated Job with us (off-site) ,the labour fee will be capped to 2 hours maximum.
Obviously, the answer to this question has almost 100% to do with the nature of the problem with the computer, something you probably don't know yet since it hasn't been looked at. In general, however, the majority of computer problems are fixable, meaning a new part and some repair time is more likely the outcome than needing a brand new computer. Also, as I mentioned in my answer to the last question, it's relatively rare for a computer problem to impact your files. All that said, and even though you may not know the cause of the problem with your computer, there are usually some clues as to how bad the problem is and what might be the solution when it's all said and done. If you have any kind of computer but it's turning on and Windows at least tries to start, there's a decent chance that this is a software problem, not a hardware problem. Software problems are easier to solve and usually just involve some time with a computer repair tech. If you have a laptop or tablet computer that doesn't come on all the way, or at all, you might get lucky and just need a new battery or power adapter. If that doesn't do it, you may be dealing with another type of hardware problem, meaning you may need a new computer. Unfortunately, these types of computers don't have a lot of replaceable parts. If you have a desktop computer that won't turn on at all, some of the hardware may be to blame but chances are that the individual piece of hardware can be replaced, fixing the problem.
yes. We recommend upgrading your computer to the latest version of Windows 10. It is a faster and more secure operating system with greater functionality. If you have a Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 operating system, contact us and discuss the upgrade with our technicians. If you have a computer with Windows XP or Windows Vista, note that these operating systems are no longer supported by Microsoft. . In some circumstances, it may be in your best interest monetarily to replace your old computer if it is running Windows XP or Windows Vista. .
We will always work with you to make sure you’re satisfied with our work. If you ever have a questions or concerns over a service, our customer satisfaction team is ready to make sure you are happy with your service .Please understand the volatile nature of computers, and that some problems can be recurring but not necessarily due to poor service on our part. For example some computers are reinfected with the same virus or spyware after a user repeats the same actions that got the system infected in the first place. If you have service performed and are not happy with the results we will work with you to complete the job to your satisfaction.

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