Recovery your data IN 4 STEPS...

Step 1: Geting your storage device

We come to your pickup your storage device or your send it to me


evaluating your storage device and try to recover the data,Upon completing the evaluation, we will email you a detailed quote , how we will attempt to recover your data, how long it will take, and a complete breakdown of our fees.


The work to recover your data starts as soon as we receive your quote approval.


we come to you to deliver your Data or you come to pick up,If we cannot recover the data , you will not be charged exclude Pick up and delivery Fee

Data Recovery level

Level 1

problems are not phicical damage and are the result of damage, corruption or deletion of all or part of a hard drive’s file system.


  • Deleting a file or folder
  • Formatting your hard drive
  • Restoring the operating system
  • Hard drive Patition or Fat Table corruption
  • Boot Virus Infection

level 2

the hard drive is not functioning properly but the problem(s) will not require work to be done in a clean room environment.Defective PCB or Printed Circuit Board electronics Overwrite or corruption to the hard drive’s “system area” (special files used exclusively by the hard drive for its own operation and maintenance.Corruption to the drive’s firmware.Excessive read errors or hard media defects that are not the result of weak or bad heads.Issues with full disk encryption or file encryption

level 3

The hard drive will require extensive cleanroom work to enable any recovery. Typical level 3 recoveries involve head crashes where the drive’s heads have come into contact with the disk surfaces. This usually causes damage to the both the disks and the heads